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Diabacare is made from nutrition- rich fruits and herbs like aloevera, amla, black berries, bitter-gourd, harad, baheda, ashvagandha and gudmar which control the level of sugar in the blood without any side-effect. Aloevera stimulates the insulin naturally and controls the level of sugar in blood and even berries and gudmar also helps in decreasing the level of sugar. Diabacare also prevents the related diseases that happens with the diabetes and removes the trouble that can happen due to it like vibration happening in hands-legs, the non-healing of wounds- injuries, and frequently getting thirsty, sudden decrease in weight and controls the hunger, energizes the body.

Juice- 1000 ml.                  Capsule- 60

Direction of Use- 30 ml Diabacare juice must be taken half an hour before taking the breakfast and dinner and 2-2 diabacare capsule must be taken after breakfast and dinner.

(For better result use it continuously for 6 months)