About Us

About Vividways Venditare

VividWays Venditare India Pvt. Ltd., which started its network from Uttarakhand,india in the year 2014, is now becoming a promising direct selling company dealing in top world class wellness and personal care products. The stability & legality in itself speaks about the value of the products, the marketing plan and the management that has been able to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system.

VividWays Venditare is constantly expanding its product range to introduce top world class products every quarter, which are GMP and Halal certified. VividWays Venditare is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company and believes in world class service levels to all its customers and distributors. Vividways Venditare has been building a widespread network of distributors in India & Nepal, which is constantly growing every year.

VividWays Venditare is confident in empowering its distributors with the life changing opportunity to change their lives.

Vision & Values
1. Transforming the lives of people through direct selling.
2. We can change the world by our vision and values.

To become world leader in direct selling and want to correct direct selling industry among people in the world

Our Management Team

VividWays Venditare is managed by highly skilled and qualified people with many years of experience in the direct selling industry. Besides this, VividWays Venditare personal touch with our distributors and customers has eventually enhance our relationship and cooperation for achieving our distributor and customer satisfaction. Therefore, VividWays Venditare is being able to involve actively in a number of countries and our engagement in quality management system will further enhance our position in these countries.
About Mr. Ankit Gupta
( National Promoter )
Mr. Ankit Gupta is working as a national promoter with VividWays Venditare. Having experience in Direct selling of last ten years. He is excellent in marketing and training. He train thousands of distributors every month through his innovative training programmes

He Says
“Vividways Venditare has given me the LIFE OF SIGNIFICANCE, as it believes in growth of every associate specifically. Having proud moments each sec. Working herein. Vividways Venditare : Transforming world with Wellness & Wealth. It's not just a Company, it's The Family for us”.
About Mr. Birendra Koranga
( Founder/CEO )
After ten year of huge top level experience in various field Mr.Birendra Koranga founded Vividways Venditare India Pvt Ltd. Through his big vision, passion, love for direct selling and leadership skills, he is continuously leading Vividways Venditare. and bringing new innovation in company.

Message from the Founder/CEO
Dear friends, Our goal at Ideal is to offer you a new way of living filled with health, wealth, relaxation, joy and positive energy. That is why we offer you high standard products, services and business plan. “Leaving our Mark in the New Era” Having solid roots and aiming for the top, after more than 5 years of dynamic presence, VividWays Venditare is leading the way in the new era of direct selling industry.
About Mr.Gaju Giradkar
( National Promoter )
Mr.Gaju Giradkar is one of top most leading leader of our organization having over a decade long experience & presence of network across all major cities in India. success story began after joining the VividWays Venditare. He joined the VividWays Venditare as a national promoter, and he utilized the opportunity perfectly.

He Says
Direct selling is a magical herb which has the power to achieve all dreams in our life. I believe that direct selling is the best business of 21 century. I wish you all the best for grand success.