Cancellations & Returns

Cancellations & Returns

VividWays Venditare stands behind the quality of its products and guarantees your satisfaction.

The refund policy is applicable only for products in marketable condition, and partially used products (30%) accompanied with an invoice.

In case of any dissatisfaction, manufacturing or packaging defect, customers/Distributors can return/exchange the product.

The customers/Distributors must contact the Distributor/Company from whom they had purchased the same, within 30 days from the date of purchase. They have to provide a reason and return the said products.

In case the customer returns the product, it is the distributor's obligation to satisfy the customer’s need for money refund or replacements of products.

Refund will be made after deduction of necessary processing charges. To get it exchanged the distributor has to pay the GST and handling charges to the company which he has collected from the customer.

If products are returned by customers directly to VividWays Venditare, FTMBV/TRMBV Sales Volume adjustment shall be done from the Distributors account & any excess amount paid shall be recoverable from Distributors. Customer need to update Bank account details on VividWays Venditare website to get the refund amount for product return.

For Cancellations & Returns of confirmed/placed order please Contact Us on our customer care info

Contact no : 91866050105